See how our Readers Are making the Most of A Tough Housing Market with indoor Grow Kits

Pile of fresh cherry tomatoes

My wife and I have been trying to sell our condo for months now, but we are still struggling to make a deal. Despite a few showings, we have yet to find the right buyer. It’s still a seller’s market in most areas, and while we could command a high asking price, we’re seeing signs of a cool down.

You know the story. The uncertainty about the future is causing some homeowners to hold on to their properties, which means there’s low housing inventory for buyers like us. Higher interest rates and inflation make it harder to find affordable options, and the competition is fierce. However, we are hopeful that things may be changing.

The inBloom indoor garden has been a game-changer for us. It’s given us the opportunity to grow our own fresh vegetables right in our home. We’ve been able to enjoy the benefits of organic produce without having to spend a lot of money.

inBloom indoor is an indoor garden that allows you to grow vegetables right in the comfort of your own home. We were excited about the idea of being able to have fresh vegetables right at our fingertips. It was a new and exciting challenge for us. We weren’t sure what we were doing, but we knew that we had to give it a try.

We ordered our inBloom indoor garden online and it arrived within a few days. It was surprisingly easy to set up. All we had to do was plug it in, fill the tank with water, and add the plant pods. It was that simple. We chose to grow basil, lettuce, and tomatoes because they’re some of our favorite ingredients to cook with. Basil and tomato plants grow well together, so we planted a few basil plants next to our tomato plants and waited to see if it would work.

To our surprise, the basil and tomatoes complemented each other perfectly. They grew quickly and were ready to be harvested in just a few weeks. We used them to make a fresh caprese salad and it was delicious. We couldn’t believe how easy it was to grow our own vegetables with the inBloom indoor garden.

One of the features of the inBloom indoor garden that we really appreciate is that it’s self-watering. This means that we don’t have to worry about overwatering or underwatering our plants. The garden takes care of everything for us. It also has an LED light that provides the plants with the right amount of light they need to grow. We can adjust the light based on the type of plants we’re growing.

The benefits of having an inBloom indoor garden are clear. We’re able to grow fresh, organic vegetables right in our home. We don’t have to worry about buying produce from the grocery store that’s been sitting on the shelf for weeks. We know exactly where our food is coming from and how it’s been grown. It’s also a great way to save money on groceries. We no longer have to spend money on expensive organic produce.

While we’re enjoying our inBloom indoor garden, we’re still hopeful that the housing market will improve. We’d love to have a real garden someday. We want to have a place where we can grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. But for now, the inBloom indoor garden is more than enough. It’s given us a taste of what it’s like to grow our own food, and we’re grateful for that.

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