Springtime Reader Review: Testing the Waters with Joeys Garden Expandable Garden Hose

Springtime Reader Reviews are a new series that highlight some of the best new products our readers have discovered.

Bear with me, I know most garden hose reviews don’t start like this, but this story is important. I am a gardener, and my name is Patricia. I have a deep love and passion for spending time in my garden, surrounded by nature and the beauty of my plants. Despite my love for gardening, I was facing two major challenges that were threatening to take the joy out of my hobby.

Last year I was struggling. Being a nurse, I work long hours, and on my day off, I would spend all my time in my garden trying to make up for lost time. Can you see the candle burning at both ends? But all my efforts seemed to be in vain. I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and unable to keep up with my job and my passion for gardening.

I should also let you know that I was a meticulous gardener. Let me rephrase that, I was a perfectionist. I’d check my garden, like most people check their cell phones, frequently, to make sure everything was growing as expected, and that no pests or molds or animals were causing trouble. Someone always needed a haircut, so I’d trim, prune, and shape until everyone looked neat and tidy. My plot plans were planned down to the square inch and there was always something new or something that needed changing. You get my drift. I couldn’t turn it off.

So, one August afternoon last year, I found myself tangled up in yet another frustrating experience, this time with my garden hose. Despite my best efforts to store it neatly, the hose had gotten tangled into a knot, making it nearly impossible to use. Let me tell you, I attempted to unravel that tangled mess and it took a much longer than usual time. It was, as they say, a battle to the death. And then, and I know how this going to sound, but the hose and I had a real come-to-Jesus’ moment. Typing that still makes me a little me uncomfortable. Having a deep emotional moment with a hose? But, just like that hose, I have often found myself in situations where I was fighting against something that just wouldn’t bend. And it is incredibly disheartening and left me feeling completely defeated.

In that moment of frustration with the hose, I realized that the difficulties I was facing were a metaphor for the challenges I was facing in my own life. Just like that hose, I was struggling to control the things that were most important to me.

But you know what? I made a decision right then and there to take charge. I made a plan to prioritize self-care. I set aside time each day for rest and rejuvenation. Even though sticking to it has been a bit of a journey. And I’m learning to let go of my expectations and embrace the imperfections in my life. That’s not an easy feat for a perfectionist.

I finally succeeded in untangling the hose and using it to water my garden. And as I stood there, surrounded by the beauty of my plants, I will never forget the sense of peace and contentment that I had not felt in a long time. The garden hose had become a symbol of my journey, a reminder that sometimes, the challenges we face in life can lead us to new discoveries and opportunities for growth.

I don’t want you to think that buying a new garden hose was just a way for me to run away from the challenges I was facing. That’s not the case at all. Instead, I’m thankful for that tangled mess of a hose because it taught me lessons that have changed my life. Instead of seeing challenges I try to see opportunities. It’s not as easy as it sounds but I’m working on it. The tangled hose may have seemed like just a minor inconvenience at first, but it has had a profound impact on the way I live my life now.

Thanks for listening and now we can get down to why we’re here and this brings me to the purpose of this review.

My Review of Joeys Garden Expandable Hose

In my experiences there are two things that have destroyed my past garden hoses. The first is kinking and tangling. You know that bent twisted hose, that turns into a kinked hose, that turns into a brittle and cracked hose in the garbage.  The next is sunburn. UV rays have patience and over time the sun has caused my hoses to crack, have brittle spots, and leak. That was especially true when I left the hose out in the sun for extended periods of time without being used. Yes, even perfectionists get tired.

For me, gardening is all about the flow, and the last thing I want is to be interrupted by a kinky hose. That’s why Joey’s Garden Hose is worth every penny to me. No kinks. Not stopping what I’m doing to fix a tangle. With a steady water flow that’s both strong and gentle, and no kinks, I can flow as a gardener. 

Happy Gardening!

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